Art Classes






Art Classes

These are Fine Art instruction classes, not craft designed classes. 

All classes available for adults and kids. 
Class locations,
Taylorsville location,

easy access from Freeway! 
Learn about Fine Art and have a wonderful experience  with a friend and save on tuition fee for class!  Learn about Line, value, color, design, and rhythm!



Weekly classes are:

Adult Classes Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, or Watercolor 3-two hour classes $80.00
Teenager Classes Charcoal Only 3-one hour classes $60.00
Children (Ages 5-12 years) Kids Basics - Basic Drawing and Painting 3-one hour classes $40.00

Two Saturday workshops each month, are available upon request.  Tuition for 3-hour workshop
(the same as identified above for each student)!

Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, or Watercolor

SUPPLIES NOT INCLUDED - Choose the medium that fits your interest!
Contact Mary White for classes and cost information. 801-450-9582 click here to send email

Contact Mary @ 801-450-9582 with more questions.



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